Top Plants That Can Thrive in Any Condition

May 2, 2023
By Brian Alba
7 min read
Top Plants That Can Thrive in Any Condition

If you've ever assumed that your yard or garden was too challenging to maintain or that the conditions were not suitable for growing plants, think again. Some plants can thrive in even the most demanding conditions.

These plants can prove that a beautiful garden is within reach all year round. Whether you live in a desert or a shady area, these plants can adapt and thrive in almost any condition, making them the perfect addition to your outdoor space.

10 Evergreen Plants That Will Thrive Outdoors

Gardening has seen a surge in popularity, but it has been a beloved hobby for many years. It offers a wide range of benefits, including being a soothing activity for the whole family, providing a way to get exercise, and promoting self-sufficiency.

According to Garden Pals, more than half of American households engage in gardening activities. One of the most sought-after are low-maintenance plants, such as outdoor plants.

Outdoor plants can add beauty and greenery to any landscape, but not all plants are resilient. Some plants are more prone to disease, pests, and harsh weather conditions, while others are virtually impossible to kill.

Here are some outdoor plants that are known for their ability to thrive in almost any condition:

1. Persian Shield

The Persian shield is an excellent choice if you're looking for a versatile and hardy plant that can adapt to different climates and environments. Not only is it durable, but it also adds a unique and striking touch to any garden with its metallic-purple foliage.

This tropical plant can be grown like most annual plants or brought indoors during the colder months and placed in a well-lit area.

2. Snake Plant

Snake plants are known for their ability to thrive in low-light conditions, making them a wise choice for shady areas. They are also tolerant of a wide range of temperatures and can even survive in air-conditioned rooms.

Additionally, Snake Plant is known to be low maintenance, making them the best option for busy homeowners or those new to gardening. Their unique tall and sword-like leaves can add a fascinating touch to any garden or room and purify the air.

3. Agave

Agave is an excellent choice if you want plants that can handle bright and dry conditions. This low-water succulent can thrive in areas with little water and add a unique and compelling look to your garden.

Various agave plants are available, but some of the most striking are those with variegated leaves. These may feature two-tone colorings, such as yellow borders and deep green centers, that add color to your landscape.

Agave also has a unique architectural form and can be a great focal point in any garden. They are also low maintenance and do not require regular watering, making them a good choice for gardens in dry climates.

4. Aloe Vera

Another option for dry climates is Aloe vera. This succulent is known for its medicinal properties and resilient plant that can survive in hot and dry conditions. It can tolerate long periods of drought and thrive in full sun, making it a great option for xeriscaping.

Aloe vera also has a unique style, with its fleshy leaves that come in a range of greens, and it can add a touch of texture and interest to your garden. It's also easy to propagate and maintain. It's the top choice for a low-maintenance plant with multiple benefits.

5. Butterfly Weed

Butterfly weed is an excellent choice for those who want to add a splash of color to their garden while supporting local wildlife. Its vibrant orange blossoms are beautiful and serve as a host plant for monarch butterflies. By planting milkweed, you will be supporting the monarch butterfly's survival, as they lay their eggs on the leaves of the milkweed plant, which is the only source of food for monarch caterpillars.

This plant is native to North America and can survive almost everywhere except for parts of the Pacific Northwest, which makes it adept at surviving in different soil and weather conditions. This showy and easy-to-grow plant will steal the show in your garden with its colorful flowers and the entourage of butterflies it will attract.

6. Bamboo

Bamboo is a versatile and hardy plant that can adapt to many different climates and conditions. It can be an option for creating privacy screens and dividing up areas of the garden. Additionally, bamboo can control erosion on slopes and hillsides, thanks to its extensive root system that helps to hold soil in place.

Also, bamboos are the best for those looking to add an exotic touch to their garden, as it's fast-growing and can create a tropical oasis. With different varieties available, you can choose the one that fits your garden best. Bamboos are also great for creating a natural barrier around your property.

7. Oakleaf Hydrangea

One of the recommended options for deep shade is the oakleaf hydrangea. This shrub boasts attractive textured leaves and large cone-shaped flowers, making it a visually appealing choice for any garden. Additionally, it offers a long blooming period, starting in mid-June and lasting well into the summer months, providing an extended display of its beautiful flowers.

Another great feature of the oakleaf hydrangea is that it is low maintenance and easy to care for, making it a good pick for those who may not have a green thumb. It can be planted in well-drained soil and prefers moist but not soggy soil.

It is also tolerant to a wide range of soil pH—so it can be grown in most soil types. Oakleaf hydrangea is also drought tolerant once established and can handle heavy rainfall.

8. Caladium

One way to add a tropical touch to a shaded backyard is by incorporating caladium into the garden. This plant is known for its striking and colorful leaves—available in red, pink, and white, making it easy to match with other plants in the garden.

Additionally, the white varieties of caladium are known to have a unique effect when placed in a shaded area, as they appear to glow during the evening. Caladium can be treated as an annual and left in the ground year-round, or it can be dug up and stored in a cool place during the winter.

9. Hosta

If you're looking for plants that can thrive in a shaded and dry backyard, hostas are a great option to consider. These plants are known for their ability to grow in low-light conditions, and most of them prefer some shade. The darker the plant, the more likely it will thrive in dim environments.

The "First Frost" Hosta variety is ideal for planting in deep shade and is known for its attractive variegated leaves and delicate pale lavender flowers. This variety is also easy to care for, making it a perfect choice for busy gardeners. Additionally, hostas are drought tolerant once established and can handle dry soil, making them superb for dry shade.

10. Sedum

Sedum is a versatile and low-maintenance plant that is perfect for any gardener. Even during the hottest summer months, sedum rarely needs to be watered, which is ideal for those who want to enjoy a beautiful garden without spending all their time tending to it.

One of the best things about sedum is the wide variety of options available. Whether you are looking for low-growing groundcovers or tall, upright bloomers, there is a sedum plant to suit your needs. And because sedum comes in varieties, it is easy to pair different types together to create a beautiful and varied garden.

If you're new to gardening or want to make planting your sedum as easy as possible, consider purchasing a sedum tile. A sedum tile is a "living carpet" made up of a patchwork of smaller plants which you can find at most garden centers. To plant your sedum tile, place it on top of loose soil, water it well, and watch it grow.

Say Goodbye to Brown Thumbs

Whether you're dealing with harsh weather conditions, poor soil, or pests, these plants have proven nearly impossible to kill. So, if you're looking for low-maintenance greenery for your outdoor space, consider adding one of these species to your garden. They'll provide you with years of beauty and enjoyment with little to no effort on your part.


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