The Best DIY Home Security Systems of 2021

April 24, 2023
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The Best DIY Home Security Systems of 2021

You'll want to think about what level of protection you want before buying the wrong gadget for your needs, but there are tons of options out there for the do-it-yourselfers out there!

There are many different DIY home security systems and other products that you can install on your own from a simple door or window sensor to a comprehensive alarm system with cameras and motion detectors. This article will discuss some of the best DIY home security systems available on the market today as well as provide an overview of how each type works and its benefits.

In addition, we’ll cover detailed installation instructions step by step so that anyone can follow along without difficulty. Let's dive right in!

1. Home Security Systems - The Basics

There are two main types of home security systems that you can install yourself: Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems

The cameras typically run on a continuous power supply which means they'll record footage even in the event of a power outage. There are several things to keep in mind when selecting your DIY CCTV system. First, you should always go for a reputable brand and take advantage of any warranty or guarantee offered with the product. It's also important to select an analog instead of digital camera for long-term reliability. Always aim to get at least 720P resolution on any analog lens camera as 720P is still HD quality but uses less bandwidth than its 1080P counterpart. You should also pick up a DVR unit capable of capturing at least 2 cameras.

Zmodo Wireless Security Camera System with 1TB HDD - White/Black (CCTV ... The price point for an analog CCTV system is between $250-$300, but you'll need to keep in mind the additional costs of buying a monitor and wiring everything together.

The major advantage of going with a CCTV system is that it's very easy to install and there are no reoccurring fees after your initial investment. It's also easier to save footage on your DVR so that you can have physical evidence if something ever goes wrong.

2. What to Consider When Choosing a Home Security Solution for Your Needs

One major consideration to keep in mind when going DIY with your home security system is that it doesn't necessarily mean you're saving a ton of money over professional installation. For example, the average cost of hiring a traditional home alarm company to install an ADT alarm system in your house starts at $1,000 and increases based on how many windows you have.

You also need to consider ongoing costs associated with monitoring plans if you go with the do-it-yourself route. The cheapest and most basic option is simply paying for equipment upfront which will set you back around $200-$300 but then you'll have to cover monthly monitoring fees starting from $30 per month (the average price). can reduce these fees by buying the equipment yourself and signing up with a third-party provider.

You should also keep in mind that when searching for a do-it-yourself solution there are other products out there besides cameras like windowdoor sensors, motion detectors, etc. Each of these gadgets can be connected to a central hub which allows you to monitor your house from anywhere in the world using your phone or computer, and they may even come with some extra perks like smart alerts so that you get notifications when something is triggered.

3. The Best DIY Home Security Systems on the Market

The best DIY home security systems are perfect for those who want to invest upfront without having to pay monthly monitoring fees or additional costs down the road. Below, we'll break down three different bundles including one CCTV package and two combos including cameras as well as other protective measures like motion sensors and window alarms .

1) Frontpoint Security System - Best Overall

Frontpoint offers professional installation of their system along with 24/7 customer support for the first six months. You'll get a wireless key fob that will allow you to arm and disarm your alarm system as well as an app for your smartphone. One of the major perks is that you can add on their affordable glass break detector which can prevent intruders from shattering your windows and breaking in.

2) Qolsys IQ Panel - Best DIY Security System with Intercom Feature

One of the best features offered by this DIY home security kit is the intercom function-you can speak directly into your phone and it will transmit sound through all indoor and outdoor speakers, so if you see something suspicious you can speak to whoever is on site without having to open or unlock doors! The panel also allows you to integrate with other gadgets like cameras, smoke detectors, and door locks.

3) Yale Real Living Touchscreen Home Security - Best for Simplicity

Who says home security has to be complicated? This touchscreen alarm system is very easy to install-all you have to do is position the sensors by your doors and windows and then use the touchscreen device included in your kit as a remote control for arming and disarming. The app that comes with it also lets you add new devices or change your settings from anywhere in the world so if you need some extra help feel free to call on whoever else happens to be checking their phone at that moment!

Why Consider a DIY Home Security System?

DIY home security systems allow you to take responsibility for your own safety and protect your valuables by investing in the equipment you need without having to pay monitoring fees or ever calling an installer. Of course, you'll have to invest more upfront than if you went with traditional installation but it's worth it when you consider all of the benefits associated with owning your own gear.

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