Can You Treat Psoriasis with Detoxes/Diet Changes?

April 24, 2023
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Have you been asking yourself "can you treat psoriasis with detoxes"? I will be honest and straight to the point. There is no proven medical cure for this condition, only remedies that do not involve drugs. So why would anyone think that a diet change would help me get rid of my outbreaks?

Can You Treat Psoriasis with Detoxes/Diet Changes?

Here's What We Know:

The fact is that there are certain foods in your life that can make your skin much more resistant to infection. If you think about it though, just what would happen if you did not eat those foods anymore? You would die! But because we are not told of this possibility in our western civilization, we tend to believe that diet is not important in the healing of this condition. Natural remedies can also help.

I am here to tell you that you can use a change in your eating habits to help you get rid of your problem in a very natural way. By removing the toxins that have built up in your body, you can eliminate your disease from the root cause. That is correct, the root cause! By removing the poisons in your body you will be able to heal faster. Diet is important to monitor and treat.

Let us take a look at how you can heal faster by removing these toxins. The first thing that you need to do is remove all of the processed foods from your eating habits. All of the food choices that you have in restaurants today, the ones that are full of preservatives and other chemicals, can actually slow down the healing process of your skin. The second thing that you need to do is increase your water intake. Don't be afraid to look into natural remedies as well.

The food that you put into your mouth can actually increase the amount of toxins that are stored in your body. When you eat a bunch of food which is full of sugar, processed food and other unhealthy foods, you increase the amount of free radicals in your body. Free radicals do a lot of damage to your body. They are actually responsible for your skin breaking out.

Changing Your Eating Habits

When you are trying to change your eating habits to remove toxins from your body, you will probably have to try a few different eating habits in order to find one that suits you. Changing your eating habits alone will not eliminate your medical condition completely. You still must keep a healthy lifestyle by avoiding smoking and drinking as well as reducing your stress levels. You will find that when you have a healthy life, your skin clears up and becomes less oily. You would be surprised at how much healthier you will feel once you eliminate toxins from your life.

Is It Possible To Treat Psoriasis With Detoxes/Food Changes?

To what extent can food play in the treatment of this condition? Well, we already know that a change in the eating would indeed help in the treatment and management of the disease. This condition is a skin condition that results from overproduction of skin cells (due to an imbalance in the skin cells and hormones) resulting in scaly red patches on the skin. To what extent then can eating changes play in the management of this medical condition? Let's consider.

Firstly, it has been found that this condition is a skin condition that affects both men and women, with men being more affected than women. When we are experiencing stress, we tend to produce more skin cells that results in the red patches on the skin. Stress also affects the immune system and as the immune system is tied up in dealing with the stress it can not work properly thus resulting in lowered immunity and hence the problem of this condition. Therefore, it is clear to see that stress is a major factor in causing the problem and as such should be handled accordingly. (2)

Secondly, it has been found that a healthy food and lifestyle would go a long way to treat this medical condition, mentioned previously, stress is the main cause of the condition and as such any changes in your life should be managed accordingly. One such change would be to quit smoking as it is a major factor that causes stress to the body. By quitting smoking you would not only reduce your stress levels but would also improve the appearance of your skin through lowering the production of skin cells.

After quitting smoking you should switch to a healthy food and start eating a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits. You should also include fish in your food as it contains omega 3 fatty acids that are essential for your skin. Apart from changing your food, you should start exercising regularly. It would be best if you could exercise at least three times per week on a full body workout plan. As regular exercise will help boost your immune system and therefore would provide much needed relief to the this condition's symptoms.

The next thing you should do is to keep your body stress free by avoiding any kind of stress. If you can manage to keep your mind stress free then you would be able to keep your body stress free. Another thing you can do is to take up some form of yoga or meditation as it has proven to be very effective in treating the symptoms of this condition. As soon as you feel yourself starting to panic then you should slow down your breathing and relax. It would be best if you could do this several times per day for maximum effect. (3)

The last thing you should do is to maintain a good skin care routine. This means that you need to start using skin care products such as moisturizers and cleansers regularly. It would also be best if you could use natural skin care products such as honey and avocado oil. These natural products do not contain any harmful chemicals and can therefore be a good alternative for this condition's healing. Once you are able to maintain a good skin care routine for about a week or two then you should start to see a considerable reduction in the number of psoriasis lesions you would get. (1)

The last thing you should do is to detoxes or change your food intake in any way that you can. Although changing your eating habits an sometimes prove difficult it would be worth it in the long run. If you are able to detoxify your body then you would naturally eliminate the toxins that contribute to this condition's symptoms. By doing so you would be able to improve your immune system and therefore would greatly reduce your chances of getting this condition in the first place. (4)


There are many ways to monitor this condition and many things that will help. Do not be afraid to try and experiment with different things while attempting healing with this medical condition. Getting treatment for this medical condition will surely benefit your life, and you can find help that will change your life.

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